LPs in full color album cover from 50 pieces

Complete Vinyl productions

We can provide complete vinyl productions for you. Only with us can you have albums pressed from 50 pieces. It is about high quality vinyl presses! The beauty of an LP is of course the packaging in a full color cover. You can provide the artwork for this yourself. The LP format is standard 12 inch (30 cm) with us. You can opt for 140 grams of vinyl, but also for the extra heavy version on 180 grams of vinyl. The plates are provided with a full color label on both sides, for which you can also supply the design. You can find templates for the album cover and labels here.

Cheap Vinyl Productions

Fast delivery

With us no months long waiting times. We use fast delivery times. The average delivery time is around six to eight weeks. After you have supplied the audio files and the design for the cover and the labels, we can get started right away. Bear in mind that the maximum playing time per record side is a maximum of 20 minutes. To view our prices for the most common productions you do not have to fill in a complicated contact form. Because we offer very competitive prices, you can find them here directly on our site.

High Quality

Our vinyl productions are of high quality and are pressed on a brand new very high-quality machine. The pressing of vinyl records is a traditional process. In addition to the physical time it takes to press vinyl, it must also cool well. The steam boiler and cooling equipment used for our presses are therefore also of excellent high quality. All equipment supplied to our press shop is maintained with the utmost care to guarantee a high-quality end product.

vinyl 140